Givetargets empowers social investors to make meaningful giving decisions, and helps organizations to increase the value and transparency of their fundraising targets.

Givetargets promotes collaboration:
Working together with others to achieve a common goal.

  • We work with social investors and the organizations they support to improve fundraising outcomes and focus on priority targets.
  • We enable social investors to be proactive in their giving and share their meaningful intentions with others.
  • We encourage organizations to strengthen the connection of alumni and friends to their peers and to giving initiatives.
  • We help others to make meaningful contributions; something given or offered that adds to the larger whole.
  • We market fundraising goals as products that can be purchased collaboratively with friends, family, or colleagues.
It's the historical and pervasive expectation that a charity should be spending no more than 20% on fundraising costs when in reality fundraising costs are routinely higher, not uncommonly in the 50% range or more, depending on the type of fundraising activities undertaken.

Our promise: we will ensure that over 90 cents of every fundraising dollar goes to the giving target.

We will work with your organization to negotiate a deal that works for you, where our costs are defined as a combination of set up fees, subscriptions, and transaction fees.

How Givetargets Works

Find a meaningful target.

Decide exactly where your giving goes.

Share your goal with others.

It's easy to give collaboratively.

Accomplish more collaboratively.

Make your giving more meaningful. More of your money goes to the target.


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